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Welcome To The Jellowo World Where Happiness Jiggles All Around

When the real world is chaotic and life happens, we all need to rest by taking some time to let our minds breathe and recuperate before we start the grind all over again. Sometimes we just need to hear the right words or look at cute funny things to experience simple moments of happiness in the midst of all the darkness. In the Jellowo World, you will experience just that by letting our family of Jellow Octopus take you on a getaway journey so that you can find happiness from within, feel refreshed, and have the strength to carry on no matter the circumstances.

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Jellowo is a collection of 8,888 two-legged, jello-like octopus NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Jellowo will grant you pioneer access to our play-to-earn scavenger puzzle game, daily distribution of our $JELLO tokens that are used towards our upcoming flagship games, and future perks and benefits that can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation

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Each Jellow Octopus Is Happy And Makes You Smile =)

With 2 stubby legs and a big round belly, the Jellow Octopus is definitely one-of-a-kind. Each Jellowo is uniquely designed and programmatically generated from over 99 possible traits including their expressions, body, and costumes that they wear! While they have a mysterious demeanor, their hearts are made of soft jiggly jello that spreads happiness everywhere they go.

The Jellowos are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. The Cost of Jellow Ocotpus NFT is yet to be determined.


Happiness is when we all come together - this is the Jellowo Family mantra. We’re dedicated to bringing the greatest joy to the community for the long-run but we cannot do it without your support!

So here are some goals that we can achieve together. Once we hit a sales target by percentage, we will begin to work on the respective goal!

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Reinvest In The Development Of Our First Play-To-Earn “Where’s Jellowo?” Game. Learn More

Where’s Jellowo?

To keep or not to keep - fate is in your hands in our first-ever play-to-earn scavenger puzzle game, “Where’s Jellowo?”. All holders will be granted exclusive access to the game for a chance to win weekly rewards or perhaps an attractive income.


Introducing The $JELLO Token & Whitelist Allocations Available VIA Our Loot Boxes

$JELLO Token Distribution

As a holder of our Jellowo NFTs, you will be eligible to receive our loot box(es) every week for $JELLO tokens that will be used in our play-to-earn rewards game to unlock even bigger prizes.You’ll even earn yourself whitelist allocations for future NFT projects as well.


“Where’s Jellowo?” Game Release For Monthly Prizes

Where’s Jellowo? Game Prize!

The lucky holder with the winning Jellowo puzzle piece will win the game prize of 4 ETH! But that’s not all - the rest of you can still participate in a raffle draw for $JELLO token rewards!


Exclusive Member’s Access To Jellowo Merch Store For Limited Edition T-shirts, Hoodies, Huggable Jellowo And Other Goodies

Jellowo Merchandise Store

How about hugging a Jellowo when you’re down? All holders get exclusive access to limited edition goods from our Jellowo merch stores including tees, hoodies, mugs, and of course, a stuffed Jellowo!


Development Of Our Second Jellowo Collection Where Members Get Exclusive Access + Perks

New Jellowo Collection

It’s time to expand the Jellowo family! A new collection of Jellowos will be born - they will be more mysterious, more competitive, and more aggressive than ever before to fight back all the negativities that you don’t need!


Development Of Our Flagship Play-To-Earn “Go Go Jellow” Racing Mobile Game

Go Go Jellow

With the new Jellowos, you’ll be ready to participate in our first-ever mobile racing game, “Go Go Jellow” to compete against each other for the weekly podium and win amazing prizes!


Pat - “หมึก” in Thai

Jellow Artist

After graduating as an Industrial Designer in 2007, Pat co-founded a design company in Thailand to help SMBs with graphic design, art direction, and photography. From 2015, Pat pursued his career as a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer and to this date, his passion never stopped growing and has been telling amazing stories through his art.

In 2015, Pat also combined his love for design and octopus and created a Facebook comic page called the “Yellow Octopus” just for fun. He later turned the character into a “Jellow Octopus” that you see today.

Pat believed that life is too boring especially when you have a 9-5 job where each day repeats itself so he decided to create art that will spread joy to others. He wanted the art to be cute and characters to do silly things that normally won’t happen in real life so that through his art, people can explore their imagination and take a break from reality. Since then, Pat has created the Jellow Universe, where he continues to spread happiness and love through this big yellow ball of sunshine - The Jellow Octopus.

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Jellow Director of Marketing

As an avid investor and expert marketing consultant in the NFT space, Fred is the brain behind all creative strategies for Jellow Octopus. Through his leadership and over 15 years of experience in media buying and entrepreneurship, Fred is dedicated to building a world-class Jellowo community with unparalleled privileges.

Owner of MAYC #8519, Azuki #4254, Doodle #2884, Coolsman, Karafuru & More

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Jellow Director of Development

With over 16 years of experience in business development and 8 years in the NFT/crypto industry, Jian has a wealth of experience and connections that created some of the biggest launches in recent years. His passion and drive to make everyone succeed is the motivating force for each project he does.

Owner of MAYC #3033, MetaHero #1506, DeadFellaz $4549 & More

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